Soca rafting

Adrenaline activities that demand some teamwork

If you’re off to a team-building retreat, you better plan some exciting teamwork exercises, combined with fun and relaxing activities. Sometimes, the best options can be found in pristine nature, which is why many such groups visit Bovec. This town is located in the Soca river valley, offering a wide variety of options for the lovers of outdoor activities. Several options are ideal for team-building.

The most noteworthy activity for this purpose is Soca rafting, which is very social and cooperative. It’s a great choice if you want to strengthen the relationships in a group. That’s why Soca rafting is so popular with all kinds of groups. It’s suitable even for bigger groups that can go on guided courses with multiple rafts. Such trips can be competitive or cooperative, and above everything else fun. Soca rafting is just as popular among families and other smaller groups, which will enjoy their time spend together in a raft.

If you’re looking for something unique, there are also other options in Bovec. Canyoning is an interesting example that could work for team-building. Bovec canyoning is organized in various canyons of the Soca river’s tributaries, and the courses are designed in a way to present a whole selection of natural obstacles and challenges. The activity naturally inspires teamwork and cooperation, even though Bovec canyoning tours are just as well suited for individuals. In every case, you can expect the perfect setting and an interesting activity. If you’re in a group, you can definitely expect some team-building opportunities, which are very fun and accelerate social bonding.

Those are just a couple of suggestions, while the offer is rich with other options as well. Many thrilling outdoor activities can be used for team-building with a good effect.