Boat antifoul

Be smart with boat antifoul

Everything is smart nowadays, even the things that don’t really benefit from it. Why not use the advantages of modern technologies in a way that really makes the difference? Modern antifouling solutions offer great effectiveness and various other features that make this option obviously preferable to most alternatives. Don’t forget about the fact that smart equipment automatically ads some value and luxury to the vessel, which is also a nice side effect.

Smart boat antifoul works electronically. Forget the paints and coatings that are not only burdensome and difficult to apply, but also harmful and toxic to the environment. They are mostly obsolete by now anyway, with electronic boat antifoul solution effectively taking their place. Smart systems offer much better results, as well as better experience for the user. Even the marine life will be thankful for this choice – yes, smart antifouling systems are great at removing settled marine life from the hull, but they don’t just kill everything and poison the habitat of the innocent life forms.

There are great options to do an electronic boat antifoul, the most popular is probably ultrasonic antifouling system. Such systems are also available in DIY kits that eliminate one of the main concerns – the difficulty and cost of installation. You can do your boat antifoul yourself with great and lasting results!

What do smart systems offer? Continuous effective operation and easy centralized management. They are connected to the main system of the boat and offer a practical way to view and adjust all the important settings and information. With some extra effort, such a system for boat antifoul can even be connected to remote devices and managed over a distance, if this is required. But the main advantage is still the best effectiveness and unlimited lifespan.