Bovec white water rafting

Chasing the adrenaline high on Soca river

There is perhaps no better place in Europe to visit than Soca valley. For adrenaline junkies, that is. During the summer months, the towns around the river blossom in their tourist offer, catering to even the most demanding adrenaline-seeking visitors. The river itself has a lot to offer, with the surroundings being just as potent in the opportunities for adventurists in search of a new experience.

The conditions are very favorable to those seeking fun and excitement. The best destination for many of such visitors is Bovec – white water rafting proves that the most demanding visitors are well taken care of. In Bovec, white water rafting is very well developed. The Soca river offers great course for dynamic tours in a rubber boat, with exciting rapids verging on dangerous in some parts. Indeed it happens almost every summer that inattentive adventurists lose their lives on the river, but this is still an unfortunate exception – in Bovec, white water rafting is perfectly safe if done in an organized group with experienced guides. Heed the instructions and tips from the guides and avoid the dangerous parts of the river and you’ll be completely safe.

For those that prefer being more down to earth, Soca offers other adrenaline-packed options. One of them is not even limited to Soca – canyoning can be done in various tributaries of the river that have more interesting canyons. That’s why Soca canyoning is often done in less known and also less explored streams. They offer a great stage for adventurists that don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Canyoning demands some hard work and problem-solving skills to cross various natural obstacles in the course of the adventure. Soca canyoning is also filled with adrenaline as the tours regularly traverse waterfalls, high drops, jumps, and other interesting and challenging parts.