Rafting Bovec

First steps in kayaking and rafting

Kayaking and rafting can be a source of fun and thrill, but the first steps are frequently quite daunting. Of course, one way to go about it is to join the tour that will take you down the rapids and sheer drops, but that’s usually not the best option. It’s better to find the courses that are beginner friendly and will prepare you for everything you might encounter later on.

For the best bang for your buck, find a place that will combine all that with a great experience in pristine nature. One of the contenders for that is the river Soca, especially the town of Bovec. For kayaking and rafting, Bovec is very well suited – not only is it situated right on the banks of the river, it’s also full of reliable and friendly professionals that offer guided tours on the Soca river. Kayaking is a bit harder to grasp at the beginning, as it is also more individualistic. The experience depends mostly on the kayaker himself, not on the whole group and general vibe as with rafting. Bovec will accommodate both rafters and kayaker, so there’s nothing to worry about. On the Soca river, kayaking can be a bit challenging, but that depends on the location and the company. Some agencies have kayaking schools, which are the best option to try the activity for the first time. For rafting, Bovec offers scenic tours that will not include any surprises. All the activities can be neatly packaged into a wider experience that will work best for the beginners!

Also, think about other options. Soca river kayaking is done along the whole length of the river, some stretches provide even better conditions and maybe some extra options for beginners, even children.