Soča rafting

The perfect river for rafting and kayaking

Rafting and kayaking are among the most popular activities you can do on a river. But not any river will do – the experience will benefit greatly from the properties of the river, so it’s worth finding the best option. That’s true for both beginners and experienced adventurers!

One strong candidate is the Soca river, Slovenia. Kayaking and rafting are done routinely in various parts of the river, especially in the upper part with attractive rapids and drops. The conditions are great for all kinds of trips on the Soca river, Slovenia – kayaking is frequently done along the whole length, with some sections reserved for professional kayaking and racing. Some parts are ideal for kayaking schools and beginners, while others are perfect for the adventurers seeking a more thrilling experience. You’ll find everything on the Soca river, Slovenia. Kayaking definitely benefits greatly from all the variation the river provides.

Rafting is a bit different, as it is rarely done outside of the dynamic upper part of the river. But there, it offers an unforgettable experience and a unique opportunity to explore the river Soča. Rafting is among the favorites of the visitors in the Soca valley, it’s especially popular among the beginners. Actually, it might be the perfect activity to try if you’re looking to enter the world of adrenaline sports. Soča rafting offers a wide variety of options, even if it’s limited to a smaller stretch of the river. The upper part is by no means short and it definitely provides plenty of variation to excite all kinds of adventurers. The main appeal of the Soča rafting for most is the thrill and challenge of the rapids, but there are scenic tours available as well – the river is perfect for all kinds of adventures.