Soca canyoning

What can and can’t be done on the Soca River?

The Soca River in Slovenia offers a wide variety of adventures that meet every taste. To see all the different services on offer, one has only to look into the offer of tourist providers in Bovec, one of the most visited towns in this part of the country.

Especially for rafting, Bovec, Soca, and the surroundings create the perfect synergy of factors that are required for a great experience. That’s why there is such a hype focused on rafting in this part of the country. Of course, it’s not just about rafting, Bovec, Soca, and other factors are at work providing the perfect ambient for other activities as well. Let’s mention kayaking, which is quite popular as well, and hydrospeed, which is not that well known, but is exactly because of that very attractive to visitors. That’s still not all that the river offers, but certainly much of the focus in set on kayaking, hydrospeed, and rafting. Bovec, Soca, and the surroundings open up various opportunities for unique experiences that make other services somewhat redundant, with so much to explore and so little time for most visitors.

There are activities that are not done on the Soca River, but in other places around Bovec. Soca canyoning is one example. Even though it is often advertised as having to do with Soca, canyoning is usually done in the canyons of the river’s tributaries. They offer much more attractive canyons and challenging natural obstacles, all the while still remaining beautiful and conveniently located near the main tourist centres in this part of the country. Even though there is a lot to be said about Soca, canyoning is not really among the activities that work on the river itself, but that’s not a problem with many other solutions available.